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Anonymous said: 1, 47, 53
I replied:

1. Selfie

47. turn ons
nice teeth/smile, nice hands, facial hair is cool.
Sexually they’re the normal turn ons i.e. lip biting, neck kissing

53. 5 things that make me happy
1. Animals
2. Disney related things
3. Waking up without an alarm clock and not worrying about going anywhere
4. “that’s what she said” moments 
5. I’m scrambling for this last one so I’m just going to say rum and coke

these are actually nice you fucking nerd
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My favorite picture on the internet
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a snap shot of the large wall tank at the aquarium/zoo where i work

out of all the photos i’ve taken this is by far my favorite, i swear it was by pure luck that it came out this way
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